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1. ’Papercuts’; has just gone double platinum on the ARIA charts.. ‘Catch 22’ is already sitting in the Top 10 on iTunes.. How do you stay so level headed?

Being an Australian musician you've got to keep humble. It's a small scene full of good people, and there's very little room to act like a dickhead if you want to be around for long.

2. What can we expect from your upcoming live shows? Any chance of featuring a hologram...

Probably skip the hologram lol, but yea we have a lot of shows coming up. Starting with Falls at the end of this year, then straight into a really big 2017.

3. You’re no stranger to preforming at festivals.. Can you tell us a bit about what it’s like backstage?

It's exactly like a heaving party. Like, exactly like it.

4. Your collaborations with artists from different genres have established a unique sound in hip-hop. Is this something you want to keep exploring?

Yea definitely man. I've really gotten into pushing myself into writing beyond just verses. This album in particular has really gone for it. I think it's worked pretty well but yea I feel like I'm only just working it out. Makes the future really exciting.

5. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

I'd love to collaborate with you guys on my next merch range. What you reckon?

6. Australia needs a track by you, featuring RUFUS...

I love RUFUS. They make great music and they're legends as dudes. If the opportunity comes up to work together I'm down!

7. What's it like running your own label, ONETWO?

It's a constant learning experience. I have very good people working with me on it so I'm never in over my head. Lots more coming from ONETWO next year, starting with Alldays next album.

8. How has releasing independently through ONETWO contributed to your success?

I've had a lot of freedom to take my albums in different directions. But I think a lot of that is also from experience. It's definitely a good feeling being at this point where I can create music and be able to be involved in the other side of it as well.

9. The ONETWO roaster also includes Adelaide MC Allday. How did you first come across his music?

He had been making a bit of noise before we signed him. I'd seen him play a few small shows around Melbourne and we had spoken for some time. He's really gone from strength to strength both with his music and his online presence, and I'm expecting big things from his next album.

10. Any Illy / Allday collaborations in the pipeline?

Im focussed on my own stuff right now, and he needs to focus on getting his album done too. But never say never.

11. ONETWO is shaping up to produce some groundbreaking material. What new talent are you looking to bring onboard?

Yea there's a few acts. We're in the process of adding to the roster, so hopefully will have more news on that soon!

12. You’re originally from Frankston, Melbourne.. Do you still live in the area? Have you ever bumped into Carl Cox at the local supermarket..?

Haha I've never actually said Frankston, just the Frankston train line. I've heard Carl Cox lived there for years, but always thought it was just a urban legend?! So it's actually true?! What a lord hahaha