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By Nichola Spain

Jack Vanzet is about as #INGOODCMPNY as it gets. Represented by future classic, the same label as uber successful Aussie artists Chet Faker, Flume and Flight Facilities, clearly they know a good thing when they hear it.

Making music under the name Thrupence, Jack creates some seriously sweet, dulcet tones that are just soooo god damn nice. If you haven’t heard his work, you’re in for a treat. His sound blurs the line between electro and ambient, pretty much creating it’s own mishmashed genre.

“It’s not really electronic because it’s made up of acoustic instruments, it’s just digitally arrange. Ambient doesn’t really work either. It’s some kind of middle ground in between those I suppose.”

Unlike his Future Classic counterparts, Jack has zero intention of following the same trajectory.

“Those guys are very Triple J friendly, but I feel like my music doesn’t really fit into that category, and I don’t know if I want it to actually do that. Those guys play live a lot as well. I don’t do any live stuff. I used to, but I actually hate it. I hated playing live. Hated being on stage. So I pulled the pin on that” he sighs.

“I just don’t have the self-confidence to be on stage to be honest. It kind of lets my project down a bit. I’m trying to find my way around the music industry without doing that.”

In April it was announced that for the first time in three years the Australian music industry revenue had increased, and it was linked entirely to the rise in digital streaming. Jack is one artist (unlike pop powerhouse Taylor Swift who refuses to have her songs streamed on Spotify) resting his laurels on this continuing it’s upward trend.

“People are buying music and streaming music, so I think in the coming years it’s going to be easier for musicians to do what they love but not have to do a mad tour with these crazy dates in order to sustain themselves.”

But the buck doesn’t stop there. Jack Vanzet is also a super talented and successful visual artist. Feel those jealous pangs. He must be bad at something right?

“I don’t feel good at anything to be honest.” Really? “Nah not really, I think doing this kind of stuff, there’s always like this constant sense of dissatisfaction and I suppose that’s why I do it. To kind of compete against myself. I never feel good at anything, sorry for the grim answer.”

Clearly his own and only worst critic, the ‘Vanzet Art Appreciation Society’ is strong. He did Chet Fakers 2015 tour artwork, Hayden James’ (Something About You) EP cover artwork and most recently hooked up with ginormous corporate Sony to develop some creative work for their smart phone.

“I did the background screensavers and also the boot animations. So when you turn the phone on this little animation comes up” he explains.  

“I have no idea how they found me, I got a dry email out of nowhere saying ‘hey do you want to work on this project?’ I assume it was from Instagram. Instagram has been pretty good to me.”

In comparison to his music Jack’s visual art is his creative release.

“Working on visual stuff is easy. Working on music stuff is really hard. Sometimes music makes me angry when I’m working on it cause I can’t nail something, visual stuff it’s much more relaxing. It’s not as bi-polar so to speak as music. Music is such an emotional thing, so I think music is more powerful, more emotionally engaging.”

Creativity is in the Vanzard blood, his brother a musician and his father a commercial illustrator, he most notably created the Australian Open Logo and also worked on Big Boss and Whiz Fizz (yes, they did have an endless supply of sweets, but sadly weren’t allowed to eat them. Too much sugar said Mama Vanzard).

“I grew up with that kind of art scene. I think I was always going to do this stuff. I didn’t think I was going to do music and design at a professional level. I thought one would overtake the other. I didn’t think it would last this long, but it has and it’s been great.”

It’s been four years since Jack has released music under Thrupence. He is currently working on his much anticipated first album. Keep your ears peeled around September for this release but don’t hold you’re breath to see him live, you may die. But definitely have your mouse ready to click “stream” and welcome the world of Thrupence to your ears.


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