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1. Hey Mitch, if you were to meet a complete random in a bar.. How would you briefly explain what you do?


If I was to meet a random at a bar, it probably means I've had a few beers, so the conversation could go anywhere really. 

Introducing yourself as an artist always comes with a list of questions that follow. "What kind of art do you do? What are you working on, and where can I see it".

I have been working as a freelance artist for 5 years now. It started with a few basic tee designs, and the occasional group exhibition.

Now, painting large scale murals, collaborations with international brands, and running my website is how I spend my week. 

2. Your art seems to mimic your life.. What’s a standard day like for Mitch Revs?

Since 2007 I've been living my life through arts & craft.

It's a process, and sure, it takes time to build a platform that can bring in money while you enjoy the ins and outs of life. Art is something that you wish could happen over night, but it's the complete opposite. I remember at times when I was trying to find my niche, I'd pick up a pencil and stare at a white piece of paper wanting to create but for the life of me i had nothing. I wanted to paint and draw and be an "artist" so bad but I had nothing. What I have found since then is that your lifestyle is what should go hand in hand with your vision.

These days I have what I consider the perfect balance, it's really quiet simple. The ocean is my happy place so creating a life around it is what ill do. I surf a few times a week, and then I go home and colour between the lines until sundown.  

3. Surfing is a big part of your life and work.. Where’s your favourite spot? 

I grew up in Newcastle. I have spent my whole life surfing here. I love surfing at home. The waves aren't amazing, but it's always fun.

4. How long have you been painting larger scale murals for? 

It's unreal! I haven't painted anything too outrageous, but it's still nice to open up a little. 

Painting large scale gives you a chance to be a bit more loose with your lines too. It can be a bit stressful at times, especially if it is a commissioned piece and the client is constantly looking over your shoulder. For the most part, once it's all scaled up and all the prep is done, it's a good time! 

5. As most of your lifestyle revolves around the beach.. Would living in ‘Narnia’, during the endless winter when the White Witch ruled, be your worst nightmare..? 

Hahahaha fuck. That is funny! Nightmares now exist.

6. Can you tell us a bit about ‘Pretty Shady’, and the campaign you and Isabelle worked on last summer 2015/16? It was for a great cause, are you working on anything similar for this up-coming summer? 

Pretty Shady was a massive hurdle for me. It was the first big opportunity that I was given as an artist to speak to Australia. The digital media campaign is growing every year, and without doubt is saving hundreds of lives around the world. 

Long story short, it points out the risks of the ball of fire in the sky, and what we can do to prevent or reduce the risk of falling victim to skin cancer. 

Who knows what summer will bring this year.. My hand is always up for helping to promote sun safety. It's such an important part of my job painting outdoors.

7. You and Isabelle have been lucky enough to work together on a few campaigns…

Yeah we have, it's great working with Iz.

She is such a positive influence on me. She has been a big help in getting me to where I am today. 

Who knows what the future will bring... 

8. It’s awesome you’re able to use your creativity to promote positive action. You’ve worked on other awareness campaigns, such as ‘Save The Kimberley’ with Zipporra. Is this something you look for in client collaborations?

When I reflect on a years work, the jobs that I remember most, and find myself talking about, are those that helped raise awareness, raise funds, and bring happiness to a situation. How cool to think that in a world that is so backwards, we can do something so simple, with some paint that speaks a thousand words.

These awareness campaigns are becoming more popular, and so they should because it helps 100%. In the beginning I would involve myself in everything I could. Sometimes I get 5 -10 emails a week asking for art donations for cancer research programs, supporting programs for underprivileged kids, the list goes on..

I wish I could support each and everyone one, but there are just so many. I love that these organisations are using art as a way to speak to people. Thats why we originally started creating. It's nice to see this still happening.

9. Do you find it challenging to switch between client projects, and working on your own?

Yeah I do actually.

When I started doing freelance work, I kept my style really diverse for a few reasons.

1. It left a lot of doors open for different clients. Not everyone wants big barrels on their office walls.
2. Kept it interesting for me, practicing different techniques and styles.
3. I wanted to build a portfolio that showed expertise.

Last year, I almost made the transition to L.A. Having a portfolio that showed a wide range of styles was a great advantage when it came to looking for an agent. 

10. We hear you’ve done a bit of tattooing in your time.. Do you have any tattoo horror stories?

No thank God! 

I get the occasional text from one of the boys taking a shit, with my name on their thigh or something.. That's about it.

11. Can you tell us a bit about your tattoos?

Yeah I love my thigh tattoos.

I bought an Ebay machine a few years back, and went ham on my legs. I spent a year or so doing an apprenticeship, but it wasn't for me. I tattooed my friends for a few years and saved them a few $$$..

The only reason I got it in the first place was so my mates didn't have to pay $500 an hour for a little tattoo. 

12. What’s the fastest time you’ve ever completed ‘The Merewether Puzzle’? 

I payed my grandma to finish it for me.

Basically, all I did was time lapsed myself taking the puzzle apart, and then put the video in reverse to make it look like I did it.

13. Anything you are currently working on you can share with us?

Yeah lots of fun shit in the pipeline. 

I've just finished up a children's book, which has been a dream of mine since high school. I did all the illustrations, and my good friend, Joel Pilgrim, wrote it. I can't give too much away at the moment. Hopefully come February, it will be printed, and we will base an exhibition around it in Sydney.

I'll make sure to let you guys know.