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1. Motez, which is your real name right..? How's things? 

Yessir, that is my real name and I’m doing very very well, just onto my third coffee for the day and couldn’t be happier.

2. Congratulations on your second ‘Best Electronic Artist’ win at the South Australia Music Awards! Have Adelaide given you the keys to the city yet?

Waiting on Cher to sell hers, I think they only made one copy of it, one is for the Lord Mayor (or the queen I can’t remember) and I know that he’s put it in one of those magnet holders somewhere in his garden, and the other one was given to Cher….DO YOU BELIEVE that?

3. You first started making music while growing up in Baghdad. After living in Australia for 10 years now.. How has your sound, and your taste in music developed?

I think as a genuine music lover your tastes change regardless of where you’re living, but I think moving to stable country has helped me focus on music solely and making it an actual living for me.

4. If you could be stuck in one year's music scene, which would it be?

I would say around 2005/2006 when “fidget” and “bloghouse” has just started poppin, you had people like Switch and Jesse Rose just mutilating sounds in the best way possible and people ramming clubs going nuts with, that era had a massive influence on my music. Also Australia circa 2012/2013 was an amazing year.

5. What’s your production process like when you’re in the studio? 

It depends really, I usually start by jamming out chords and/or melody on my Roland Juno, then build the beat around that. Most of the time I end up with a totally different result towards the end of the track development. 

6. Festival season is upon us… What is your most memorable gig or experience?

It’s not in classic festival season, but playing Splendour in the Grass earlier this year was an amazing experience. I think about 4,000 flooded the tent in less than 10 minutes, didn’t know what to expect until the lights went out before I started and I just heard the biggest roar I’ve ever heard in my life, still get goosebumps thinking about it.

7. How do you usually prepare for a set?

I don’t usually plan my sets unless I’m playing my live set up but most of the time I have a few “landmarks” to navigate towards in my set but I play different tunes around them every time depending on the crowd and the gig.

8. What are the crowds like touring overseas compared to Australia?

American crowds are awesome, they’re always there for you and they’re very very respectful. I think they’re a little bit more mature because it has to do with the legal age to get into a club. There you get “superfans”, Aussies are rowdy on a totally different level though.

9. Which Australian artist are you listening to at the moment? 

Definitely loving the Client Liaison and DD Dumbo albums, and been really digging Fortunes. 

10. What can we look forward to from Motez in 2017?

Been working tirelessly on lots of material but my next single is finished and we’re looking at dates for the release, keep an eye out for the future.