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1. Hey Nat, can you please introduce yourself. How would you briefly explain what you do?

Hey! I work as a stylist, art director and run my own accessories label Witu. 

2. Who is your dream client?

Good question! I would love to work overseas for clients like Google or fashion houses like Marni on exciting still life projects. 

3. Was it easy to transition from styling products for clients, to creating a product for yourself?

Its really valuable. The knowledge I have gained through working on shoots to promote a product have really helped and informed how I create and market my own products. 

4. Where did the idea to create ’the perfect tote’ come from?

I guess there was nothing out there that fitted the bill and we wanted to make something that ourselves and our friends would want to wear.

5. Why neoprene? 

We jumped on that before a lot of people because it is such an amazingly robust and aesthetically pleasing material. It hadn't really been used for accessories before and when we sampled it it seemed perfect! 

6. What inspires the Witu collections? 

A range of things really. Mostly something that is interesting at the time. The last collection Heavyweight I became really interested in the idea or champions or championships and the idea of trying to be the best at something. From there I guess you can loosely see how there are references to gym equipment and belts in the collection.

7. Who would your ultimate collaboration be with and why?

Apple, ha! It would never happen but how cool would it be to create bags for Apple.

8. What are three pieces of advice you would give to yourself five years ago?

Give yourself the time to explore ideas and enjoy the process. Life gets so busy sometimes but its important to give yourself the time. 

9. What is your favourite Witu product? 

It changes, I go through different favourites. At the moment I am travelling with a new sample that is my fav but usually I am a tote kinda gal. 

10. When you travel, do you always take it wit u..? 

Always! You should see how many I take! It's kinda ridiculous.

11. What’s next? 

More, always more!